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 Q: Do I need a prescription to get THERAPAIN?

A: No, you do not need a prescription, nor do you need to be a patient of a health care professional in your area to purchase Therapain, although many do carry and suggest the use of Therapain. Therapain is a retail product and is available through some pharmacies and retail environments. However, for the best pricing and specials please visit our direct website at

Q: Can you send me a sample of THERAPAIN?

A: Of course, we would be glad to send you a spray sample of THERAPAIN. Just log onto our direct website 

 or call us directly at 800-864-PAIN (7246)


Q: What are the benefits of using a spray or roll-on opposed to a gel or cream?

A: Spray/ Roll-on allows you to apply pain relief to hard-to-reach areas, such as the muscles in the middle back and lower extremities with out the mess of rubbing in gels or creams with your hands. THERAPAIN absorbs and dries quickly.


Q: Is THERAPAIN available in stores or through the Internet?

  A: THERAPAIN is a retail product and is available through some pharmacies and retail environments; you will find us on and many other websites. However, for the best pricing and specials please visit our direct website at

Q: Do you have any studies about long-term use of THERAPAIN?

A: THERAPAIN is an over the counter topical analgesic. It is labeled according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and proposed regulations regarding topical analgesics. All ingredients, product use and product warnings are listed on the label. THERAPAIN has been on the market and available to consumers since 1994, we have enjoyed serving many of the same customers since our beginning, never has a negative side effect or issue due to long-term use come to our attention. 

Please remember that THERAPAIN is a topical pain reliever, not a cure to an underlying condition. It provides temporary pain relief. If you have any questions regarding the product or use of it, please consult our website or your doctor.

Q: How long does Therapain last, when is the expiration date?

A: The product’s FDA regulated shelf life is 2 years. The expiration date can be located on the bottom of your bottle. If you have an expired bottle and have any questions about using it please contact us directly at 800 864 PAIN (7246)


 Q: Is there Aspirin in THERAPAIN?

A: No


Q: Is there Capsaicin in THERAPAIN?

A: No


Q: Is THERAPAIN vegetarian/vegan friendly?

A: Yes THERAPAIN is vegetarian/vegan friendly, no animal products are used in the ingredients. THERAPAIN is also not tested on animals.


  Q: Will THERAPAIN work on headaches?

A: Yes, THERAPAIN will provide relief from headaches, but like all products containing menthol there is eye sensitivity. We suggest applying a small amount to both temples and the back of the neck.



Q: Can I apply Therapain before aquatic exercise?

A: Yes, Therapain will loosen tight muscles and stiff joints. The best thing to do is apply approximately 10-15 minutes prior to entering the water.


Q: Can I use Therapain if I have Diabetes?

A: Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot use sugar normally. When diagnosed with this particular ailment, you must be extremely cautious when using any topical analgesics. There are certain ingredients in topical analgesics that do go in to the bloodstream that can cause a severe reaction, including numbness and skin irritation to the Diabetic patient. Please consult with your doctor before use of the product.


Q: After applying THERAPAIN, I have developed a rash/irritation on my skin. What should I do?

A: Take a tepid (warm) bath with one cup of baking soda. Relax for at least 20 minutes. If rash persists, contact your physician.

Q: I accidentally got Therapain in my eye. What should I do?

A:  Rinse eyes with warm water or to take a warm shower with the shower water hitting their forehead and running down through their eyes. Do this for 15 minutes. If problem persists, see a physician and be sure they take the Therapain with you. 


Q: If I am Pregnant or nursing – Can I use THERAPAIN?

A: THERAPAIN has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. Please consult with your doctor about use during pregnancy or while nursing.

Q: My child or pet accidentally ingested THERAPAIN, what do I do?

A: If your child placed it their mouth but did not swallow, flood mouth with lukewarm water and rinse out mouth thoroughly. 

If your child swallowed THERAPAIN contact a Poison Control Center. 

Pet – Contact your veterinarian immediately. Animals will not drink water on command. Animals have a highly developed sense of smell and the menthol and alcohol will warn them away from ingesting the product. It overwhelms their sense of smell and therefore, does not appear as food or something appetizing. THERAPAIN should not hurt them, but it is always best to contact your veterinarian in any instance where THERAPAIN has been ingested by your pet.

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