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Therapain Testimonials
Some letters from our customers:

"This is to inform you that I have used many different topical pain relievers on both chronic and acute cases. I have been a practicing Chiropractic for over twenty four years. I have never seen in all my years in practice a product that obtains such results. My patients have requested me to keep in stock the Therapain product.

William K. Scruggs, D.C."

"Not only does Therapain offer can effective self-medicating alternative to prescription drugs for many people, it is certainly a less expensive route for many patients who need relief from chronic pain. Therapain seems to have found the right combination for diverting the pain path to the brain, a track which all topically applied analgesics have as their goal"

- Dr. Cynthia Lozier, family physician and internal medicine specialist.

"I have had two hip replacements and one knee replacement. During the first hip replacement I had bleeding(hemetoma) into my leg & body, causing me to lose the quadracept muscle. I had been taking Vicodin pain pills and Fexoril muscle relaxant. I picked up a bottle of Therapain and since using your product, I have not used any Vicodin or Foxoril. Thank You for your discovery"

- Merle Mitchell, Jr., Vista, CA

"As a writer my heart is HUMBLE about what your product has done for me. After two back surgeries I have been in constant pain. I cannot sit or stand for long. To live in pain is agony and not not be able to sleep is torment. I gave up hope of ever being about to live in comfort until I found your product. For the first time I'm getting relief. No words relate how grateful I am."

- M. Musselman, N Hollywood, CA

"Your product has so many uses. It relieves my arthritis and other aches and pains. My 85 year old mother uses it for pain relief for her back and hands. She says it works better than anything else she has ever tried before. Thanks."

- J. Hawkins, Moore, OK

"I love to spray your product on my neck after a warm shower. It really gives me pain relief."

- L. Tabak, Pasadena, CA
"My pain from a torn shoulder muscle and osteoarthritis is gone instantly after using your product. Your product works better than any prescription medicine."

- J. Epplar, Manitowoe, WI

"My wife is a diabetic and has constant feet and leg pains. No product we have ever used could even come close to the fantastic relief your product has given."

- G. Honxleden, Carmel Valley, CA

"Since my knee surgery I have had stiffness and knee pain. Your product relieves all my stiffness and pain."

- R. Waltman, N Springs, CA

"I have arthritis in the knees. I appreciate that I can spray it on without the pain of rubbing it on."

- G. Cuminale, Pittsford, NY

Your product has been a lifesaver. I suffer from severe migraines, TMJ and pain in my lower back from a fractured vertebrrae. I've had to use morphine for pain relief... but no more... your product totally relieves my pain, it really works."

- T. Love, Lubbock, TX

"I'm convinced this is the best pain relief product on the market today and I've tried them all. It's the only one that brings me relief from lower back pain."

- Maureen Sullivan, W.H., CA

"Your product is fantastic and always brings me fast pain relief. I use it for headaches, fascial sinus pains, lower back pains, cramps, sore muscles and sore feet after I've gone shopping all day. Thanks again for such a wonderful product."

- Lupita C., Chula Vista, CA

"I have seen a remarkable difference with the usage of the Therapain in regards to just going out. The coolness of the product after I rub it in around my knees is MUCH, much lessened and the aches and pain just disappear. I have also used the Therapain all over the joints of my body, especially when my Fibromyalgia is flaring. There was a week when every single joint hurt, including the joints in my fingers and everywhere they were connected to each other felt like liquid fire. I never hurt so bad as I did then. I used the Therapain to help me out. It definitely lessened the pain to where I could work at my job and the pleasant scent helped me not smell like a men's locker room. The intensity of the product is increased when used with water. I noticed that, when I got into the pool the first time. As soon as this bottle is out, I'll be ordering more, It's lasting such a very long time. Thank you for helping me find a product that stands up to the test of time and severe pain."

God Bless You,
J. Trice
Montgomery, AL

"I have a degenerative bone condition in my neck which pinches my nerves and causes severe muscle spasms and incapacitating headaches, numbness in my hand and pains in my shoulders and upper back.
I have used many different sprays, creams, and rubs(liniments). I was given a very potent and expensive capsicum type also, all to no avail. They may have felt good, given me some relief, but not for long and I still got the headaches. Acupuncture, Herbal Teas and Chiropractics helped me the most, but they are much too costly for me because I do not have health insurance.
I read in the newspaper about your company in an article, cut it out and saved it. Then I saw your ad in the paper. I ordered a bottle. It worked so well, and for so much longer, was not at all messy or gooey and more than that, my headaches were mostly less severe and fewer! I take the roll-on in my purse. I use it on my knee also and my Dad uses it on his neck too. Several of my friends are now using it. I don't use my pain pill or aspirin very much at all anymore, I reach for my Therapain instead. Thank You Therapain!"

- Linda T.

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