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To ensure the purity and efficiency of the secret THERAPAIN formula, it is created using 7 different steps.

The main ingredients are carefully chosen Menthol from Brazil, (the active ingredient), Peppermint from China and Eucalyptus from Australia. This special and unique mix is one of the things that make THERAPAIN work where other topical pain relievers fall a bit short. The two other things that distinguish Therapain from other products are the easy-to-use spray and roll on bottles and the aromatherapy quality of the patented liquid. The quick drying analgesic releases a menthol and mint vapor which promotes well-being and release of tension.

The herbal properties of THERAPAIN come from the rare and exotic natural ingredients that have been used for healing for centuries.

Therapain is a drug free alternative for the treatment of pain, and although modern is quite similar in make up to the compounds the ancient civilizations used all those years ago.    

Most nerves can only transmit one signal at any given time. When another sensation, (in this case THERAPAIN), comes into contact with the nerve, an 'amnesic' effect cancels the message of pain being sent to the brain. There are no numbing or drowsy side effects, so the concern of injuring an existing condition is eliminated.

Upon application THERAPAIN acts as a cold pack, to be followed about ten minutes later by a warming feeling sometimes described as a 'tingly' sensation. This is due to the nerves being confused, and is like applying a heat pad. After around twenty minutes THERAPAIN is up to its full strength and you get the maximum benefits.

 As an added advantage, the unique delivery system forms a protective barrier to keep THERAPAIN working like an invisible pain relief bandage - and is water resistant as well.

It is easy to use, simply liberally apply THERAPAIN over the entire painful area, (include the surrounding area as well),  and the effects of THERAPAIN can last for several hours. This does depend on the severity of the condition and the amount of analgesic applied. The more THERAPAIN that is applied, the stronger it works, meaning THERAPAIN can reach deep seated pain.

The strength is also increased when applied after a warm bath or shower as the heat has already opened the skin’s pores, making them more receptive. Adding a few sprays of THERAPAIN to a hot bath or foot soak is another way to get the helpful benefits and sensations.

Enjoying the benefits of THERAPAIN is safe for everyday use.


Therapain's ingredients are:
Naturally derived I-Menthol USP %7.5
Secondary denatured alcohol USP (disinfectant, carrying agent)
Eucalyptus oil
Peppermint oil (said to clear the senses and promote feelings of well-being and confidence)
Skin emollients (to moisturize)

Use Therapain for temporary relief of local pain where the use of systemic analgesics is undesirable. Therapain users report relief from the pains of arthritis, neck ache, backache, muscle soreness, stiffness, sprains, strains, bruises, sore feet, athletic activity, minor sunburns, insect bites, rheumatism, and tendon/ligament pain.

Simply spray or roll-on enough Therapain to cover the intended area. Therapain can be used up to four times daily, unless by the advice of a Physician.

While no adverse side-effects have been noted, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, and/or sensitive skin. Test a small path of skin before initial use to check for any allergic reaction. Please be careful and wash hands after use. If pain persists longer than a few days, please consult your doctor.

For external use only. Do not use on abraded skin, open wounds, sores or cuts. For use only by adults and children 12 years or older with adult supervision. Do not set near fire, open flame, or lit cigarettes. Flash point is 64 degrees F. Flammability is similar to that of hair-holding cosmetic sprays
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