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What Makes Therapain The Best 

         THERAPAIN is created from a seven-step production process to ensure the purity and efficiency of all the formula’s properties. The active ingredient in Therapain is Brazilian menthol. One of the most rare, exotic and effective natural extracts in the world. The patented purification process brings out the greatest potency of the menthol, other ingredients include carrying agents, designed so THERAPAIN will evaporate and dry quickly), eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil, herbal extracts and skin emollients are added to help enhance the pH balance of THERAPAIN and replace moisture to the skin. The pleasant peppermint smell provides aromatherapy, which is said to promote well being and comfort. Anxiety and tension seem to disappear as the pain is reduced.

        These herbal properties formulated in THERAPAIN have been well known worldwide for centuries. Modern technology combined with ancient practices make, THERAPAIN an excellent drug-free alternative for the treatment of common body pain. THERAPAIN is a natural pain block. Most nerves can only transmit one signal at any given time. When another sensation (THERAPAIN) contacts the nerve, an 'amnesic' effect cancels the message of pain going to the brain. Because there are no numbing or drowsy side effects, the concern of re-injury to an existing condition is eliminated. The initial cold feeling of THERAPAIN acts as a cold pack, and would be followed in ten minutes by a warming feeling (similar to a heat pad). Because the nerves are confused, this feeling is sometimes described as a 'tingly' sensation. THERAPAIN gradually reaches its full strength in approximately twenty minutes. As an added advantage, the unique delivery system forms a protective barrier to keep THERAPAIN working like an invisible pain relief bandage and is water resistant. Make sure to liberally apply THERAPAIN over and surrounding the entire painful area. The effects of THERAPAIN can last for several hours depending on the severity of the condition and the amount applied. The more that is applied, the stronger it gets (which means that THERAPAIN can reach many deep seated pains). The strength is also increased when applied after a warm wash due to the opening of the skin's pores making them more receptive. Add a few sprays to a hot bath or foot soak. Enjoying the benefits of THERAPAIN is safe for everyday use.


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